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Whether you want to send out promitional mailing lists or regular newsletters, MailRCPT has you covered.

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Why a mailing list or a newsletter?

They can help your business connect with customers and increase sales.
  • Connect to your users

    Customers want to connect to the businesses and brands they like.

  • Build loyalty

    If you're informing alongside your selling, you're building a long-term relationship with your customers.

  • Boost your social media following

    Email newsletters are highly effective for building your online community.

  • Increase traffic

    If you want people to visit your website, it's simply not enough to hope that your customers will come back. Your email newsletter plays an active role in site traffic and sales.

Creating an email newsletter is easier than you think: give MailRCPT a try.


Multiple mailing lists

Display send mailings

Queue mailings

Monitor invalid email addresses

An optional site

Full search

Landing pages

Subscriber dashboard


Wordpress integration


Forms, polls, etc.

All the Tools

With MailRCPT you can create one or more mailing lists or newsletters at no cost.


  • One or more mailing lists
  • One or more forms
  • One or more polls
  • Display send mailings
  • Full search
  • Full Wordpress support
  • Paid subscriptions
  • Also an optional site.

And more:

  • Boxes
  • Comments
  • Documents
  • Images
  • Pages
  • Settings
  • Subscribers
  • Style
  • Themes
  • Widgets

And even more

  • Branding
  • Disabled pages
  • Disabled sections
  • Invoice settings
  • Mail formats
  • Offers
  • Page titles
  • Smileys
  • Subscriptions


Here's a demo site of the official MailRCPT mailing list. Note that you can customize your site or you can even disable it if you only need plain mailing list functionality.

Official Thumbnailr newsletter is a demo with only a newsletter and send mailings.


Wordpress plugin updated
We've just updated our Wordpress plugin to work with the latest version of Wordpress.

Feel free to update your plugins and remember to report any problems you might bump into.

Fixed timezone problem
A few fine tuning points:
* fixed timezone problem.
* fixed "unknown 1002" message in "Home widgets" section.
* added confirm message when unsubscribing from mailing list.

A new day and another update
A new day and another update, this one include the following:
* Added newlines between prefix, body of mailing and postfix.
* Added Subscribe button, previous a user had to click "No/Yes" badge which could lead to confusion.
* You can now set the "reply-to" email address that is used in all email communiction.
* The admin@ email address is now used in the "from" email header instead of the personal twan@ .

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Confused or not sure? Read a bit more about MailRCPT.


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